Integrating Apps with Sumo Logic

This tutorial demonstrates how to integrate Apcera with Sumo Logic for full-stack visibility into your apps.

Deployment instructions

1) Create Sumo Logic account if you do not have one already.

2) Create a Sumo Logic access ID and key.

The SUMO_ACCESS_ID and SUMO_ACCESS_KEY will be custom to your environment

To create the access ID and access key:

  • In the Sumo Logic web console, select Preferences beneath your name.

  • Click the plus sign (+) next to My Access Keys and create an access ID and key.



3) Deploy the Sumo Logic Docker image.

Run the following command specifying the official Sumo Logic Docker image and your Sumo Logic access ID and key.

apc docker run sumo -i sumologic/collector:latest-syslog -e SUMO_COLLECTOR_NAME=apcera_sumo_logic -e SUMO_ACCESS_ID=enterAccessID -e SUMO_ACCESS_KEY=enterSumoAccessKey -ae -m 1024M

For example:

$ apc docker run sumo -i sumologic/collector:latest-syslog -e SUMO_COLLECTOR_NAME=apcera_sumo_logic -e SUMO_ACCESS_ID=xuQBtqXXXreidX -e SUMO_ACCESS_KEY=xCR7YU3e3gEFx90jW8YMZyTV7awiO8XXXTP2wh85RHNpekG2rHxKAT7eIZKkgwCX -ae -m 1024M
[sumo] -- Pulling Docker image -- checking policy
[sumo] -- Pulling Docker image -- checking if package FQN is taken
[sumo] -- Pulling Docker image -- fetching image metadata
[sumo] -- Pulling Docker image -- creating package
[sumo] -- Pulling Docker image -- fetching 6 layers
[sumo] -- Downloading layers -- downloading layer 95ba0485
[sumo] -- Downloading layers -- downloaded layer 817dfcc7
[sumo] -- Pulling Docker image -- downloaded all layers
[sumo] -- Creating job
[sumo] -- Configuring job -- tagging package
[sumo] -- Configuring job -- adding egress binding
[sumo] -- Starting job
[stdout] Running SumoLogic Collector...

4) Add a TCP route to the Sumo Collector.

Run the following command to expose a TCP route on the app:

apc route add auto --tcp --app sumo --port 514

5) Verify Sumo Logic connectivity.

At the Manage Collections screen in the Sumo Logic web console, you should see that the connector is registered with Sumo Logic.


6) Using APC, add a Log Drain to your app.

Replace the IP address and port with the one provided for the TCP route you exposed on the Sumo Collector.

apc drain add syslog:// --app <app-name>

See also Configuring Log Drains.


To troubleshoot, run the following commands:

apc docker connect sumo
cd /opt/SumoCollector/logs
tail -f collector.log

Then, in another terminal window, run the following commands:

apc docker connect sumo
nc -w0 -u localhost 514 <<< "testing again from my home machine"

The message should appear on the Sumo Logic web console.


Using a capsule

Alternatively, you can install the Sumo Collector in a capsule.



Then, create a capsule and connect to it:

apc capsule create sumo-collector -i linux -ae --batch
apc capsule connect sumo-collector


Now, copy/paste the command from the Sumo Logic web console into your capsule and run it.

Then proceed as follows: