Configuring DNS for Apcera CE

This section describes the domain name (DNS) configuration options for the Apcera Platform Community Edition.

Specifying the domain name

During the apcera-setup config process you are prompted to specify the domain name for the platform using an Apcera-provided domain name or your own.

[ DNS Configuration ]
Where will your Apcera Platform cluster be located?
[0] As a sub-domain of
[1] In a domain that you provide (DNS will be configured after the create step)
Enter your selection [0]:

Using the Apcera-provided domain

If you choose option 0, the full domain name for your platform is <sub-domain-name>, where the sub-domain-name portion is a user-defined string between 5 and 63 characters that must be unique in our DNS server.

The domain name is assigned an update token that is saved locally in the /apcera-setup/config.json file. You can use the update token to reuse the domain name.

If you receive an error that the domain name is already registered, choose another subdomain name or provide an update token. See also troubleshooting.

Providing your own domain

Alternatively you can provide your own domain name. If you choose option 1, you are prompted to enter a registered domain name.

At the conclusion of the apcera-setup config process, the tool outputs the information you need to update your DNS entries, specifically the hostname and IP address of the HTTP router so you can create the necessary A records for the base domain and wildcard domain.

See Configuring DNS for Enterprise Edition for instructions on creating the required DNS records (if you are providing your own domain).

Configuring DNS lookup

Near the end of the apcera-setup config process, you are prompted to specify the primary and secondary DNS servers:

Enter your DNS server []:
Enter your secondary DNS server []:

The apcera-setup tool performs a DNS lookup for the domain on the identified DNS servers. This setting does not update the DNS server record.

If you use the Apcera-provided domain, you cannot enter your own DNS server (must use the defaults).

If you are using your own domain, you can specify a different primary or secondary DNS server to perform the domain name lookup.

Updating the domain name

When you configure your platform using the apcera-setup tool (apcera-setup config), you are prompted to provide a unique domain name.

If you choose to use an Apcera-provided domain, when you create your platform, the domain name for your platform is registered with our DNS server and assigned a DNS Update Token. You can use this token to update the IP address for your domain.

The IP address you are updating is the IP address of the central host which includes the HTTP Router. The most common use case is if you are changing providers (such as, from VirtualBox to AWS) and you want to reuse the domain name.

To get deployment information, including your DNS Update Token, run the command apcera-setup info. For example, on Mac you run $ ./apcera-setup info.

Then, follow these steps to update the platform domain name:

1) Get your DNS Update Token.
2) Run the command apcera-setup config. For example, on Mac you run the command $ ./apcera-setup config.
3) Provide the DNS Update Token when prompted by the apcera-setup tool.
4) Provide the registered sub-domain name.
5) Follow the on screen prompts (you must redeploy).