GCE Installation Requirements for Apcera

This document describes the requirements for installing the Apcera Platform on GCE using Terraform.

Set up Terraform

  1. Install the supported version of Terraform.

  2. Download the Terraform files for GCE.

  3. Setup your Terraform working directory.

    The file unzips to a directory named gce.

  4. Copy this directory to a known location, such as $HOME/gce.

  5. Review the Terraform files.

    In the gce folder you should have the following:
    - main.tf
    - cluster.conf.erb
    - apcera_erb_helpers.rb
    - /gce-module

    The gce-module subdirectory contains the module for GCE. These files define the GCE machines and networking. For default deployments you do not need to modify these files. See GCE requirements for details on these files.

    You will edit the main.tf and cluster.conf.erb files to deploy the Apcera Platform to GCE.

Apcera Cluster Images

You will need the Apcera-provided VM image for GCE for the Orchestrator host and the Base image for all other cluster hosts.

To obtain these VMs, provide Apcera Support with the following information:

  • GCE project name, for example: apcera-platform-hybrid-aws-gce
  • GCE credentials JSON file, for example: apcera-platform-hybrid-aws-gce-xxxxXXXXxxxx.json

Once you provide this information, Apcera will upload a GCE base Apcera image for creating the cluster hosts to your GCE project.

Once you have the images, go to Compute Engine > ​Images and select the image. Note that the image name starts with continuum-base- which you will enter in the terraform.tfvars file later in the GCE configuration process.


GCE Project

To install Apcera Platform hosted on Google Compute Engine (GCE), a Google Cloud Platform project is required.

If you already have a Google Cloud Platform project, download the JSON file for your account. The JSON file contains the project key you will need to install Apcera.

If you do not have a Google Cloud Platform project, see creating a GCE project.

GCE Resources

During the installation the following GCE resources will be created:

GCE "network"

Is not tied to any geographical region. Can contain 0 or more "subnets."

GCE "subnet"

Has a CIDR range (like ""). Is tied to a region "region" (like "us-west1", "us-central1", etc). Hosts in a "subnet" can be spread amoung the "zones" for the "subnet"'s "region"

GCE "region"

Is a specific geographical location. Named this like "us-west1", "us-central1", etc.

See: https://cloud.google.com/compute/docs/regions-zones/regions-zones

GCE "zone"

An isolated location within a "region"

  • named things like ("us-west1-a", "us-west1-b")
  • See: https://cloud.google.com/compute/docs/regions-zones/regions-zones

Static IP

You need a static IP on on the GCE side which will be used by AWS to connect to the IMs on GCE. The static IP is added to the main.tf file.