GCE Installation Prerequisites

This document describes the requirements for installing the Apcera Platform on GCE.

Create GCE project

If you do not have Google Cloud Platform project already, create one as follows:

  1. Go to the Google Cloud Platform console: https://console.cloud.google.com/cloud-resource-manager.



  3. Enter a project name, such as apcera-install and click CREATE.

  4. Select the Products & services icon at the top left of the console, and then select Home.


  5. Select the project you created.


  6. Select the Products & services icon again, and then select Billing.


  7. Click Link a billing account, and select your billing account. You have to be the administrator of the billing account. If necessary, create a new billing account.


Create Service Account

Authenticating with Google Cloud services requires a GCE project key which can be downloaded in a JSON format directly from the Google Cloud Platform Console.

  1. Go to the Google Cloud Platform console: https://console.cloud.google.com/.

  2. Select the Products & services icon, and then select IAM & Admin > Service accounts in the left navigation pane.


  3. Click CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT, and enter the service account name.

  4. Select the Furnish a new private key check box, and then select JSON for its Key type.


  5. Click CREATE. This creates a service account and downloads a JSON file that contains your key to your computer. Save this file with the name "gce_auth_info.json".

    You will use the contents of the JSON file to configure your cluster.

    NOTE: This JSON file contains the project key you will need to install Apcera, so store this file securely. You only have one chance to download and save this file.

    You can also refer to the Google Cloud Platform documentation.

Enabling Google Compute Engine APIs

To provision Google compute engines, you need to enable Google Compute Engine APIs.

  1. Select the Products & services icon, and then select APIs & services > Dashboard in the left navigation pane.


  2. From the Dashboard view, if Google Compute Engine API is not listed as an enabled API, click ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES.


  3. Select the Compute Engine API link.


  4. Click ENABLE.


GCE resources requirements

The Apcera Platform provisions the following Google Compute Engine virtual machines. Ensure that your account has sufficient role and quota to provision Google cloud infrastructure resources.

Count Machine Role VM Instance Type Attached Disks (if any) Components
1 orchestrator n1-standard-1   orchestrator-server, orchestrator-database
1 or 3 central n1-standard-2 20 GB api-server, auth-server, flex-auth-server, nats-server, job-manager, package-manager, health-manager, cluster-monitor, metrics-manager, component-database, events-server, vault, kv-store, nfs-server*, stagehand*
1 monitoring n1-standard-2 50 GB monitoring, zabbix-server
Defined by user instance-manager n1-standard-4 100 GB instance-manager
1 router n1-standard-1   router
1 tcp-router** n1-standard-1   tcp-router
0 or Multiple of 3 gluster** n1-standard-2 200 GB gluster-server
0 or Multiple of 3 object-store n1-standard-1 100 GB cluster-object-storage
1 splunk-search** n1-highmem-4 100 GB splunk-search
1 splunk-indexer** n1-highmem-4 500 GB splunk-indexer
1 auditlog n1-standard-1 100 GB auditlog-database
1 metricslogs n1-standard-2 100 GB & 50 GB redis-server, graphite-server*

The components marked with * are singleton.
The machines marked with ** are optional component host.

NOTE: During the cluster configuration, you will be presented with an option to install highly available NFS servers (Gluster implementation). The nfs-server component will be installed only if you opted out the HA NFS setup.

Installing Apcera

To install Apcera on GCE using apcera-install, continue to Installing Apcera on GCE using apcera-install.