Post Installation

This section provides post-installation steps to connect to your cluster.

This documentation assumes you have successfully deployed an Apcera clustter on a supported platform.

Connect to the cluster

Once you have successfully deployed the cluster, connect to it as follows.

Log on to the web console

Log on to the web console at http(s)://console.<cluster-name>.<domain-name>.<tld>.

For example:

Target your cluster and login using APC

APC client was installed during the apcera-install loadpkgs process. If you have not done so, run the apcera-install loadpkgs command now. Alternatively, you can manually install APC client.

Target your cluster and log in:

$ apc target
Targeted []

$ apc login --basic
Connecting to

Username: admin
Password: ********

Run Hello World

To verify that your cluster is successfully installed, deploy a simple web app.

  1. Check that you have the following packages installed in your cluster: $ apc package list -ns /apcera/pkg

    • "ubuntu-14.04-apc3"
    • "nginx-1.11.3"
  2. Clone or download the Apcera sample apps from the GitHub repository.

     git clone
  3. Deploy a static web site using APC.

     cd ~/sample-apps/example-static
     apc app create my-example-static-website --start --batch
  4. Open the web site in a browser.

    Naviage to the URL provided from the app staging process.

     App should be accessible at ""

    It should print out "Hello World" as expected.

Developer tutorials

Check out these additional Apcera developer resources:

Managing the cluster

To manage your cluster using apcera-install, refer to Managing the Apcera Platform.