Configuring DNS for the Cluster Domain

This section describes the DNS requirements for deploying the Apcera Platform.

Configuring DNS is a chicken and egg situation. You need to have a registered domain name that you set in the cluster.conf file. But, you need to point the DNS server to the IP address of the HTTP router, which you won't know until you provision the cluster infrastructure.

DNS is required for cluster deployments

You need to configure DNS to point to the cluster. DNS setup is not contingent on the cluster being up. All of the public IP allocations are done during the provisioning of the cloud infrastructure.

It is only necessary for two DNS records to be created: {DOMAIN} and *.{DOMAIN}. These should be registered with DNS and pointing to the IP addresses of the HTTP routers, or the load balancer that fronts the routers.

If you are using TCP routing services (for non HTTP/HTTPS application communication from outside the cluster), you will also want to add tcp-services.{DOMAIN} (for example

AWS Route 53 DNS

If you are using the Route 53 DNS service from Amazon, complete the following steps and AWS will automatically route traffic to the Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) instance, which was configured by the CloudFormation template.

  1. Go to the Route 53 dashboard
  2. Select Hosted Zone, and click Create Hosted Zone
  3. Select the Domain Name for your cluster
  4. Click Create Record Set
  5. Leave as is the Name (empty) and Type (IPv4)
  6. Select the Yes radio button for Alias
  7. Expand the Alias Target dropdown menu
  8. Select your Elastic Load Balancer, which is populated by default (<subdomain>-router-elb-XXXXXXX.<AWS_region>