Release Notes

Oct 26, 2018 (2.2.2)

  • No changes.

Aug 24, 2018 (2.2.2)

  • No changes.

Mar 29, 2018 (2.2.2)

  • Updated source compilation environment to use Go 1.9.4.

  • Minor bug fixes for Orchestrator's support for Vault.

  • Minor bug fixes for Orchestrator's backup command. (orchestrator-cli)

  • Minor bug fixes for handling network errors during reboot and deploy.

  • Orchestrator-cli is now included in the release package so that it can update itself prior to deploy.

  • Orchestrator-agent is now included in the release package and is installed during deploy.

Mar 01, 2018 (2.0.21)

  • No changes.

Oct 23, 2017 (2.0.22)

  • Fixed issue when restoring an Orchestrator database backup using the orchestrator-cli restore command.

  • Improvements to orchestrator-cli backup command.

Sep 22, 2017 (2.0.7)

  • Improved 'Downloading' progress message.

  • Retained CA key and database password between multiple deploys.

  • Deploy command outputs a warning message if audit logging on Vault cannot be enabled.

  • Fixed an issue vault status check during deploy.

  • Enable vault audit logging to syslog.

  • Fixed an issue in orchestrator agent that causes the agent process to panic.

  • Fixed an issue in teardown command when machine number cannot be reclaimed.

  • Reusable valut token is employed to replace one-time use vault token during deploy.

  • Enabled Consul backend functionality, set comp ACL.

  • Add secret/encfs to jm and im vault permissions.

  • Updated the Zabbix token on deploy and refresh commands.

  • Updated Component secret reliability

  • Fixed a bug in deploy. Orchestrator does not exit after a Chef error.

  • Fixed an issue in reclaiming machine number when rescaling cluster down.

  • Enable Consul secret backend functionality.

  • Add secret encfs to JM and IM Vault permissions.

  • Increased IM ID limit to 4096.

  • Added the ability to store component secrets in vault.

  • Fixed an issue in log collection.

  • Fixed an issue in backup command.

  • Support components revoking already-used tokens.

  • Removes the refresh-vault-token command and implements the security command.

  • Added configuration of Vault, including enforcement of cluster passphrase and encryption/decryption of persisted answers.

  • Fixed chef output log collection issue.