Release Notes

Oct 26, 2018 (3.2.2)

  • No changes.

Aug 24, 2018 (3.2.1)

  • No changes.

Mar 29, 2018 (3.2.0)

  • Updated LDAP underlying library to support UTF-8.

  • Improved logging from apc to allow for better diagnostics when troubleshooting.

  • Fixed issue in apc so that encrypt value for job can be changed with curl.

  • Improved user accessibility of PM migration status.

  • Fixed an issue with the event subscription API where it was leaking user authorization tokens into logs.

  • Improved apc cluster usage report.

  • Added discovery address to information displayed in apc network show.

  • Fixed issue with apc download where in some cases it was not downloading the full package.

  • Improved exporting of quotas.

  • Fixed support of special characters in LDAP Password.

  • Fixed issue with unability to use policy matching Job FQN or Network FQN.

  • Fixed issue with internal server error after retiring a package using apc app create.

  • Fixed issue with setting https-only value using apc route update.

  • Updated default policy to display serviceParam encrypt.

  • Improved how apc job show command displays the routes.

  • Corrected behavior for apc login –batch option, which should fail if the user is already logged-in.

  • Fixed issue where apc app from package command may stage a package even if it isn't supposed to.

  • Improved how apc job show command displays whichh ports on a job are marked optional.

  • Improved how apc network show command displays the subnet pool name.

  • Fixed issue with apc job show nfs-admin.

  • Improved how apc app stats should handle unbound resources.

  • Fixed issue with apc job update job_name hard/soft tags remove should not require restart.

Mar 01, 2018 (3.0.3)

  • No changes.

Oct 23, 2017 (3.0.1)

  • Fixed issue with data reported by the apc cluster usage command. Previously, usage reports for a given day would change depending on when the query was executed. This was due to side-effects of the data retention policy configured for the cluster's metrics storage system (Graphite). Note that the new command will only display cluster usage that occurred since the cluster was updated to this release (3.0.1). See the APC documentation for more information.

Sep 22, 2017 (3.0.0)

  • Added multiple commands (apc subnet pool create/delete/list/show) associated with the newly defined subnet pool resource.

  • Updated the apc network create command to take in a user specified subnet pool (--pool).

  • Fixed an issue where apc job list output would be indeterministic of a job was an more than one of app gateway stager pipeline.
  • Fixed a bug where apc app delete would consider the app name in a manifest file, but not the namespace.

  • Fixed a bug which caused temporary files to be left on the user's machine after updating APC.

  • Updated multiple APC commands to consistently use flags -i, –instance-id when specifying an instance id.

  • Fixed an issue where app deploy –keep-previous=false would not remove the old package if the app was stopped.

  • Updated APC help for default route naming scheme.

  • Add ANSI terminal emulation support on Windows for a better experience, especially when connected to a Linux container.